Notice (2008/Nov/27)
Sorry for delay in release of new version. Currently, the tool is being re-implemented with a new algorithm. In a preliminary experiment, the detection accuracy is much improved, but the memory consumption is also much increasing (the tool will require 64bit PC). Thank you in advance for waiting.

Tool Vaci (tentative)

What's tool Vaci

Tool Vaci extracts relations between identifiers in source code, with context of the identifiers, in order to classify the identifiers. This enables the user:




Vaci manual is available here.

Paper, etc

Toshihiro Kamiya, "Variation Analysis of Context-Sharing Identifiers with Code Clone", Proc. 24th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2008), pp. 464-465 (Oct. 2, 2008). Presentation


Related work

Patricia Jablonski and Daqing Hou, "CReN*: A Tool for Tracking Copy-and-Paste Code Clones and Renaming Identifiers Consistently in the IDE", Proc. the OOPSLA Workshop on Eclipse Technology Exchange, pp. 16-20, October 2007.

Derek M. Jones, The New C Standard, Sentence 792 (identifiers). Taken from, 2008/09/11.

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