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AIST CCFinderX is a code-clone detector, which detects code clones (duplicated code fragments) from source files written in Java, C/C++, COBOL, VB, C#.
CCFinderX is a major version up of CCFinder, and it has been totally re-designed and re-implemented from scratch. Its new design and technologies aim at improving performance, enabling a user-side customization of a preprocessor, and providing an interactive analysis based on metrics.

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Documents of CCFinderX is available here.
Known bugs and change history of CCFinderX is available here. (will be updated without notice)


This version is distributed under MIT License.


Win32 executable ccfx-win32-en.zip
Source code (for Win32 build) ccfx-src.zip
Additional source code for Ubuntu 9.10 build karmicmakefileetc.7z


Won the "Microsoft Research 2009 New Faculty Award"!
hoto of the ceremony #1 hoto of the ceremony #2

The development was supported by Exploratory Software Project of Information-technology Promotion Agency(IPA), Japan, in 2005.

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