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What's New

The title of site has been modified. The "Old vers." page has gone. (2010/08/01)

The "User Registration" page has been removed. (2010/06/01)

The "User Registration" page will be removed in the end of this May, since an open-sourced CCFinderX works without a license key. (2010/05/14)

Released If no special troubles, this will be the last release. We would like to pause briefly to thank you for your past patronage. (2010/04/08)

Added some papers, including a paper by A. Lozano & M.l Wermelinger of IWSC 2010. (2010/03/11)

Thank you for waiting. The latest version is now distributed under MIT License. (2010/01/25)

Important notice: The next release of CCFinderX will be distributed as both a binary package and a source-code package under MIT license. Thank you for the support! (2009/12/04)

Added photos of "Microsoft Research 2009 New Faculty Award" ceremony in the page of "Stable ver." (2009/11/16)

Added an important notice at the "Developemnt ver." page. (2009/10/01)

Released CCFinderX Some experimental functions have been introduced. (2009/06/22)

We are pleased to annouce that 5000th license has been published today! Thank you for being a user of CCFinderX. (2009/05/29)

Added a paper by German et al. to the "article" page. (2009/05/11)

Research works with CCFinderX and CCFinder won "the 1st Microsoft Research Japan New Faculty Award" ! Thank You so much for all of your support. (2009/04/22)

Released a tool (named sysverchk) to check execution environment. Please use it on bug reporting, which will be helpful for us to re-produce the situation. Download the tool by this link (2009/04/17)

Released a minor bug-fix version of CCFinderX. Thanks to everyone who informed me about compatibility issue with Python 2.6 (2009/04/03).

In article page, added papers of CSMR 2009 and co-located workshops, IWSC 2009 and SQM 2009. (2009/04/01)

Added AIST logo everywhare in this site, to clarify copyrights. The offical name of CCFinderX now became "AIST CCFinderX". (2009/03/16)

Added a paper by Kamiya in the article page. (2009/03/03)

Released CCFinderX Bugs have been fixed, including compatibility to Python 2.6. (2009/01/22)

Extra news. Third International Workshop on Software Clones (IWSC2009) will be held in March 2009, Kaiserslautern, Germany. Of course I will submit a paper. (2009/01/14)

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